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Pure Essential Oils Blend

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Essential Oils Blend “Alpine Herbs” 10ml.



general stimulant, tonic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, immunomodulating, analgesic,   choleretic, anti-edema, local irritating, disinfectant, deodorant, embalming. Adaptogen. Free from preservatives, colorants and synthetic additives by AROMATIKA

Essential Oils Blend “Aquarius” 10ml.


The sign of Aquarius gives inspiration, kindness, artistry, unusual properties of the mind.

Essential Oils Blend “Aries” 10ml.


Aroma composition of essential oils Aries makes it possible to reduce irritability, relieve headaches, nourish the brain at high mental stress, relieve fatigue, restore and calm the nervous system.

Essential Oils Blend “Calming” 10ml.


Essential Oils Blend “Calming”-

Tranquil floral-citrus scent of “Calming” blend will reduce nervous tension, apathy and fatigue; promote relaxation, mental and emotional calmness.


Essential Oils Blend “Cancer” 10ml.


Aroma composition of essential oils Cancer has eroticizing and beneficial calming effect.

Essential Oils Blend “Capricorn” 10ml.


Aroma composition of essential oils Capricorn will help to liberate, overcome selfishness and secrecy in dealing with others, send mental ability to noble goals and stay physically fit.

Essential Oils Blend “Catch Your Luck” 10ml.


Essential Oil “Catch Your Luck”- Citrus refreshing aroma; evokes positive energy, optimism and self-confidence, helps to attract happiness and luck in business and private life; relieves anxiety.

Antidepressant, tonic; immunostimulant; has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic action; promotes weight reduction; anti-cellulite; normalizes sebum secretion, has a slight bleaching effect, is especially recommended for oily skin.

Essential Oils Blend “Cinnamon-Orange” 10ml.


This  blend is ideal for drivers, during preparing for exams or other important events, during the work at the computer (reduces the number of errors), ie in situations requiring increasing brain activity, mental clarity, concentration and attentiveness.

Essential Oils Blend “Gemini” 10ml.


Aroma composition of essential oils Gemini allows removing the mental stress, setting emotional balance, eliminating insomnia, finding the harmony of body and soul.

Essential Oils Blend “Leo” 10ml.


The flavor of aroma composition will quickly recover from illness, allows influencing people and achieving conceived results.

Essential Oils Blend “Libra” 10ml.


Aroma composition of essential oils Libra contributes to the setting the harmony of the internal world with the environment, allows in a real sense to carry out your plans and ideas, to enhance intuition, to find peace.